Serving our Communities

Exclusive news coverage

More and more consumers are demanding a diet of news as it happens and our journalists work hard to be the first to report on breaking stories and to find exclusives – delivering them via our websites and mobile phone sites backed by our print publications.
Our journalists are part of their communities and have wide-ranging networks of contacts,  helping to ensure they hear what is happening when it is happening. Those relationships allow us to continue to break many stories ahead of the national media.

Community involvement

Our well established calendar of awards events sees virtually every one of our titles recognising individual and group achievements in their communities. Our staff also work with schoolchildren, service clubs, charities, businesses, the farming community,  sporting organisations and many others.


There can be no stronger voice than a local paper championing causes in its community and our editors nail their colours to the mast again and again with resounding success.
Hard-hitting editorial coverage in print and online – in many cases combined with petitions and public events - helps prevent the closure of buildings and services, such as libraries, and the loss of transport services. Campaigns succeed in bringing investment in roads and other infrastructure and force councils across the country to reconsider decisions to increase various charges and close services. Others bring long-overdue recognition for individuals and groups and those whose names are missing from war memorials.


The tough times may be continuing financially but that doesn’t stop our readers from enthusiastically raising hundreds of thousands of pounds through campaigns and appeals in our newspapers and on our websites. The people in the communities we serve do us proud, often digging deep to raise astonishing sums of money.

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