Frequently Asked Questions

Yes a bonus issue in 1994, a Rights Issue in 1992, 1996, 2002 and 2008.

You can contact the Company's Registrar at the following address:

Computershare Investor Services PLC
PO Box 82
The Pavilions
Bridgewater Road
BS99 7NH 

You will need to contact your stockbroker, financial advisor or bank.

At 4 April 2013, there were 656,385,109 Ordinary Shares of 10p each in issue.

You need to talk to your personal financial advisor or other qualified professional.

Yes you can by completing a Share Transfer Form indicating your selection of charity. The Company’s Registrars will be able to provide you with the appropriate form.

You will have to complete and sign a Share Transfer Form and send it to the Registrar. In some circumstances stamp duty will be payable.

You need to write to the Registrar and ask for a duplicate. The Registrar will require you to complete a Form of Indemnity for which there will be a charge.

In accordance with the terms of the Group's financing agreement, available cash is used to reduce debt and no dividend is curently paid on the Company's Ordinary Shares.  Further information on dividends can be found here.

Currently the Company has no plans to propose a dividend.

Investor Services PLC
PO Box 82
The Pavilions
Bridgewater Road
BS99 7NH 

The Company operates a SAYE Share Option Scheme, a Share Incentive Plan and Performance Share Plan for senior executives. More details are contained in the Annual Report and Accounts.

The last capital re-organisation was a 1 for 1 Rights Issue completed in June 2008.

You can get more information from The Newspaper Society. Visit their website at

Currency fluctuations do not have a major impact on the Company.

The internet plays a large part in our strategy. The Group maintains more than 200 newspaper websites and mobile sites.  Read more about our digital products here.

Yes, the digital landscape is changing rapidly and we are constantly evaluating technological advances to generate additional revenues and increase efficiencies.  Read more about our digital products here.

All shareholders are encouraged to attend the Annual General Meeting.

Organic growth through general economic recovery and increasing digital revenues.

The Group’s operations within the UK provide the bulk of revenues. The total level of turnover in the Republic of Ireland is approximately 10% of the Group's total turnover.

Panmure Gordon
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You need to contact the Company's Registrar:

PO Box 82
The Pavilions
Bridgewater Road
BS99 7NH

A Head Office with the business split into eight publishing units. There are a number of functional divisions encompassing HR, IT, printing & distribution, commercial, accounting, digital, events & exhibitions, and newspaper sales & marketing.

We currently employ around 4,350 people.

We have many outlets for our print publications and these vary from market to market.  Find your local outlet here.

The current directors own around 1% although many staff are also members and our share schemes give all our employees the opportunity to participate in the Company’s ownership.

We trade on the London Stock Exchange. Please click here to see our latest share price.

The strength comes from the newspaper brands, internet sites, new digital platforms and established circulation figures.

The outlook for 2013 for the economies of the UK and Republic of Ireland remains challenging. However, that serves to highlight the need for innovation and we believe the opportunity is there to successfully return Johnston Press to growth. Read about our strategy here.

The main elements of turnover are:

Print advertising 55.2%

Digital advertising 6.3%

Contract print 6.1%

Newspaper sales 28%

Other 4.4%

Our core business is publishing and printing local newspapers, the provision of news websites and ancillary activities including contract printing.  Read more about our products and services here.

Our ticker symbol is JPR.

A hard copy can be obtained in writing from:

The Secretary
Johnston Press plc
Orchard Brae House
30 Queensferry Road

Or alternatively you can view and download a copy here.

All of our newspapers are profitable but there is some variation between titles reflecting circulation frequency and whether the title is paid for or free.

Computershare Investor Services PLC
PO Box 82
The Pavilions
Bridgwater Road
BS99 7NH

Our main competitors are:

  • Internet
  • Other local newspapers
  • Local radio
  • Outdoor advertising
  • Advertising-only publications

Our main customers are local advertisers and readers both in print and online.

See our Contacts page here.